Tips for loading a moving truck

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    Most people aren’t sure how to approach loading a moving truck. How do you approach the positioning of furniture? Even using moving supplies can be confusing and tricky, to begin with. Not only this but there are also multiple ways to fully use your storage space in your rental truck. However, you first need to know how and where to start. Using this space effectively will definitely save you from making multiple trips back and forth between your two homes. In addition to using up all the space, if you’re planning a DIY move, you have to know how to distribute the weight evenly. Namely, without the help of moving labor professionals, this can be very tricky.  

    On the other hand, professionals know how to distribute the weight in the back of the truck. Also, they know how to use different tools to prevent damage to your precious itemsFor example, if you’re moving from Boston to San Francisco, there are many moving experts who would love to assist your relocation. However, if you are still determined to do it on your own, keep reading. Here is a step-by-step guide to packing and loading a moving truck. If you read and follow our tips below, you will have nothing to worry about 

    Best tips for loading a moving truck

    Figure out what size truck rental you need to rent

    At least one month before the actual move, you should reserve a truck rental for your moving date. You can choose between many different sizes:  

    1. There are smaller cargo vans  
    2. And larger 26 ft. trucks  
    loading a moving truck - a truck on the road
    Moving trucks are pretty hard to load

    Most truck rental companies offer more detailed shapes and sizes you can choose from. For example, Movers in Boston have amazing options you should check out! However, try to avoid choosing a truck that is too small for all of your itemsAlthough a smaller truck generally is cheaper to rent, it will only end up costing you extra time and money. For example, if a truck is too small, you will have to make multiple trips back and forth.  

    To make sure you choose the right size truck rental, look into the truck rental company’s size guidelines. If you still have doubts, give them a call and ask. In most cases, they will be more than happy to answer your questions! 

    Gather all the packing supplies you know you will need to loading a moving truck

    Before you start packing a moving truck, make sure you get all the necessary packing materials. This includes moving boxes, plastic wrap, tape, a dolly, furniture pads, and moving blankets. Since your belongings may shift while in transit, it’s especially important that all items are packed with proper protection. This is where the moving blankets and furniture pads come in handy. You can easily stick them in between your furniture to make sure there is no room for unwanted movement. 

    Recruit friends and family to help you out

    If you are planning to pack and load a moving truck by yourself, never do it all alone. Before your moving date, ask friends and family to help you with the loading and unloading process. You don’t want to end up lifting and carrying heavy furniture by yourself. Not only could you hurt yourself, but your moving process can end up taking forever. Having friends and family to help will ensure you relocate stress-freeUltimately, this can save you money as well. This is because your truck rental time will be notably shorter. 

    Ask friends and family for help

    Start with disassembling furniture

    Namely, the furniture will take up quite a bit of space in your rental truck. If you want to save room, make sure you take apart all the furniture. In doing this, you will maximize your space in the truck. Along with this, you will also distribute the weight of heavy furniture more evenly.  

    To start, you should take apart your dining tables by taking off the legs. In this way, you will be able to store the dining table and its legs in an upright position. Afterwardtake apart all bed frames and headboards. Along with this, disassemble all desks and dressers. If you are in a rush, there are ways to pack in a hurry efficiently. Just make sure you are safe and don’t get too stressed. 

    Always start with loading largest and heaviest items first

    When you start loading the moving truck, put in the largest and heaviest items first. This means any mattresses, bed frames, tables, chairs, household appliancescouches. Keep in mind the weight and size of these items. You should put them on the bottom of your moving truck, so they don’t end up crashing and damaging your other belongings.  

    It’s good to start loading the heaviest items first

    Keep your couches, headboards, and tables in an upright position

    Large furniture items always take up more space in a moving truck when you lay them horizontally. If you want to save space, place all couches, headboards, and tables in a vertical position. Another good idea is to use extra padding and protection around these items. Again, using moving blankets or plastic wrap is a great way of protecting your belongings. Not only will this prevent damages while in transport, but it will also protect your smaller, more delicate belongings from damage. 

    Put the lightest items last when loading a moving truck

    If you are done packing your heavy items onto the truckit’s time to start loading the lightweight items. This includes all moving boxes and smaller furniture piecesAlso, don’t forget about pictures, mirrors, and TVs. You should properly protect these items before loading them onto the truck.  

    There are a few other things to remember when loading a moving truck with lighter items. Firstly, you should keep mattresses in mattress bags. Then, it is a good idea to pack kitchen appliances in their original boxes to keep track of them. Finally, put your collectibles, jewelry, and valuables in separate boxes with labels. Also, you may want to pack important documents in advance. When you start loading lighter items, make sure you place them on top of furniture and appliances.  

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