Where to donate unwanted items after relocation

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    In preparation for your upcoming move, you may want to donate unwanted items after relocation. If you decide to do so, you will be making the whole process a lot easier in the long run. Namely, you will want to clear out all the clutter and donate all the items you no longer have a need for. In doing this, all your household items, clothes, and shoes will be put to good use. Not only will you be donating your items to a beautiful cause, but you will also make your relocation easier 

    Therefore, if you’re wondering what the best options for donating are, keep reading! We made a list of the most common household items people want to donate and where to donate them. If you have further questions about this, do not hesitate to contact local movers Massachusetts. They will assist you in your preparation for the move! Also, we included a few extra tips on what to do with your items before you donate them. 

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    Most common items people donate and where to donate unwanted items after relocation 

    What to do with unwanted books 

    For most people, giving away their precious books is very hard. However, you do not have to get rid of them! You can keep your most favorite ones! On the other hand, you probably have some books you just don’t reach for. These are the ones you should be donating. Also, if you donate them to the right places, you can be sure they will go to a ‘’good’’ home. This makes the whole donating process a lot easier for most people. Not only this, but you will also ensure you have a Stress free relocation! This is because you will lower the weight of your packages. 

    books - donate unwanted items before relocation
    Your local library will love to take your books!

    As far as places to donate unwanted books go, we have three recommendations: 

    1. Operation Paperback – this is a non-profit organization which allows you to donate books to troops overseas 
    2. Access Books – this organization collects books for relief shelters for victims of hurricanes, floods, and similar 
    3. Your local library – this is always a really good option for donating books since they are always glad to get new additions 

    Along with this, you should know what to do with your books before you donate them. Namely, it would be best to remove any notes and/or bookmarks from your books.  

    Where to donate an unwanted car 

    It is more than possible to recycle your old car! You can do this by taking it to your local junkyard and selling it for the price of scrap metal pieces. However, this usually means you won’t get much money in return. Because of this, it is usually better to donate the car and put it to good use. Not only this, but you will also get a tax write off if you decide to donate. Look into Car Donations to Charity to learn more about this. 

    Furthermore, there are a few good places to donate unwanted items after relocation when it comes to cars. Firstly, there is America’s Car Donation Center. This center accepts donations in all 50 states! Also, what is probably even better, is that you can decide who you will donate the car to! Secondly, there is the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program from the popular radio show. They allow you to donate your unwanted car to whichever radio station you want. Thirdly, you can always trade-in your car and get a new one as a replacement.  

    However, before you choose any of these, you should make sure to prepare your car for the donation. This means you should clean the car thoroughly. Specifically, get rid of any papers or junk and give the car a really good wash. 

    What to do with unwanted clothes 

    Giving up clothes doesn’t come easy to everyone. However, if you know they are going to a good cause, it definitely makes the process easier. Ideally, you should keep a donation bag or box in your closet at all times, not only after the relocation. In this way, you would already have a clear idea of what you want to donate and what to keep. Also, it will help you pack in a hurry efficiently,  since most of your closet will be ready for packingThereforeget a donation bag or box for your closet as soon as possible.

    clothes on hangers
    Donate the clothes you no longer reach for!

    As to where you can donate your unwanted items after relocation, you can call the Vietnam Veterans of America. What is good about this charity is that they come to your address and pick up your donation bags and boxes. Other really good places for donating your clothes are your local Goodwill Clothing and Donation Centers or Salvation Army International. However, before putting anything away for donation, make sure you freshly wash all of it and keep it clean! 

    What to do with unwanted furniture 

    Another household item which is great for donating is used furniture. It is possible to recycle furniture, but only in rare cases. This is because most furniture unless it is absolutely unusable, will be useful to someone. 

    Donate your furniture to a worthy cause

    Moreover, there are many amazing spots to donate unwanted furniture after you relocate. One of them is Salvation Army International. Not only do they take donations, but they also come pick them up. All you need to do is call 1-800-SA-TRUCK (1-800-728-7825) and tell them what you have for them. Another good spot is Operation Homefront. This organization lets you choose a military family to donate your furniture too. Along with these, there is Furniture Banks. It lets you donate your furniture to people in need, as long as you used it gently. They mostly target these donations towards former homeless people getting back on their feet. If nothing else, look into Boston storage units. There may be someone in search of furniture for their storage unit! 

    No matter which of these organizations you choose to donate unwanted items after relocation, you still need to prepare your furniture for donation. This means dusting and cleaning it. Also, make sure there are no dangerous edges or nails which may cause an accident and hurt someone. 

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