How to handle disputes with movers

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    How to handle disputes with movers


    Every once in a while something bad can happen during the move. Something can break, something can get lost… But one problem that most people forget that movers can also be a reason why you are frustrated. There are many professional moving services Boston which you can choose from but once in a while happens that workers (of course unwillingly) break something that belongs to you. When it comes to disputes with movers there are some things you have to have in mind in order to resolve them as peaceful as possible.


    Before you can even consider resolving disputes with movers peacefully, you have to make a contract when you hire the company of your choosing. There are many reasons to make a moving contract. One of them is that you have the leverage in the form of law that protects you from an unwanted outcome. The problem with contracts nowadays is that people do not think too much about them until it is too late. People often just sign a contract to hire a moving company. Before you do that, check the contract itself and read it thoroughly because there is usually some useful information about the complaints you may have with the company.

    You will know to react if something happens
    Make a contract and read it thoroughly

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    Different kinds of contracts

    What we mean by this is that the content of the contract depends on various things. One of the most important is the distance between your place and the place you are moving to. Long-distance moves often require different regulations in the contract so if you are moving from Boston to Houston, be sure to be ready. Problem is that when you move to a long distance place, there is a much higher chance for something to go wrong. It usually does not go wrong but would you gamble?

    How to approach?

    If you have a problem with the service of your movers or something bad happens, it is very important how to behave in this situation. We are all people, and people make mistakes. That means that you should not get angry as soon as you find out about the problem. Have a more friendly approach so that you can try to resolve problems with movers peacefully.

    It is the best for resolving disputes with movers
    Have a friendly approach!

    If you go to full rage there is a very high chance that things can escalate very easily. We understand that it is not pleasant at all when you trust the company you hired but they make a mistake. You have to control yourself and only this way you can resolve disputes with movers even without any legal actions.

    Send a complaint letter

    This is also a good way to resolve disputes with movers. Many problems were resolved this way. Every company that wants to live up to its reputation can’t risk negative publicity. But there are some things that you should mention in your complaint letter:

    • Problem- In order for your complaint to be valid, you have to name the problem you have with the movers. The key thing for the movers to even think about compensation is that you name the valid reason and with no exaggeration.
    • Names- It is always good if you can name the person that made the problem in the first place. This way the moving company can investigate and do the right thing.
    • The outcome- The most natural way of compensation is to pay you the damages you have suffered. But there are also other ways you can ask for in order to make things right. For example, you can lower the costs of the move.

    All of this is not important if you do not have the proper attitude. You have to be polite, real and firm. We all know how thin the line is between arrogation and firmness.

    File a claim to resolve disputes with movers

    If nothing of the above works, this probably will. All moving companies must have licenses and are usually part of moving associations whose job is to regulate the moving business. Regarding what association your moving company belongs to, you can write to them in order to help you resolve your problems with movers.

    This is the most effective way of solving problems with movers
    File a claim!

    After you file a complaint, that is usually the place where your meddling stops and agencies and associations continue to work and battle for your cause. Most disputes are usually solved within a month. We understand that it is not a small period of time for you to wait. But have in mind that if your claim is valid, the problem will most likely close with you as a winner.

    What if something gets stolen?

    This is a whole other dimension of problems that is also not that rare nowadays. Most people have the absolute trust in their movers so they do not inspect that much the work of the movers. First, you need to do everything you can in order to actually prevent this from happening. There are many tips on how to move valuable things because they are the most sensible thing about the move. Also, you should not be just a bystander of your own move. You have to be present and regulate the move as you like it and how you planned it.

    If something like this happens, the authorities have to be called. This is not a small thing to forget since something valuable can be stolen from you. You have to file a report and let the authorities handle things. It is most likely that the company will have its own sanctions to the workers that did the theft.


    Disputes with movers are common things nowadays. After all, we are all just a people that make mistakes. But this does not mean that you can just forget the whole thing. That is the reason why it is important to look for moving company reviews since it can tell you a lot about the services of the company. Consequences exist for a reason and if you think that you have a reason to be angry with your movers, you should definitely express your feelings about it.

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