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Moving contract – reasons to have one

Posted on : June 26, 2019

Are you moving to your dream house? Congratulations, this is truly one of the best things about moving, the fact that you got a better house, a better job or that you simply like it more somewhere else. Whatever the reason may be for your relocation, moving should be done properly. Choosing a reliable moving company can certainly make things easier for you. However, no matter what moving company you choose, you always must have a moving contract.

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Before sealing the deal

Before you get to the part to sign a moving contract, you should find a good moving company. Recommendations are the best way to do this. If you have a friend or a family member with experience in this field, contact them. Find out what they did and did not like about a certain moving company. Prepare for the moving by talking to someone who has already been through the process.

a laptop on the table outside the house during the day light
Do a little bit of researching to find the right moving company for you

Another way to find a great moving company is the reviews. The importance of moving company reviews is huge, and you should check them out. Finally, compare different moving companies and get the best moving quotes. Don`t just stick to one company that sounds familiar to you. Invest a little bit of time in research and it will pay off eventually.

Why is having a moving contract necessary?

If you made a certain agreement with your moving company, you should have it in writing. In reality, there are many fraudulent moving companies that want to take advantage of us, whether we like it or not. If you think that this will certainly not happen to you, remember that we all tend to think that. Having a contract protects you and your belongings from any kinds of online scams. Everything that has only been said between you and your mover, is unfortunately not valid, because fraudulent as well as unprofessional moving companies will forget this and charge you much more. There are many risks of hiring cheap movers, but, on the other hand, there are many advantages to having a moving contract.

Ask questions

If you are moving from Boston to Colorado, for example, ask any specific questions that you have. How long will it take, will you have to store your units for a day, or a couple of months, how much it will cost, etc. Based on the answers you get, you can see much will everything cost you, and you can avoid additional charges. Your moving company is here to help you, and with this in mind, don’t be shy, ask away all you want to know.

Fixed price

When you get in touch with a moving company, a reliable moving company will offer that one of their employees come to your house. We know that movers Lexington MA will certainly estimate what will the weight of your belongings be. After this estimate, they will calculate the costs and offer you the price.

a man holding three boxes
Include the type of service you will use, whether it is packing, unpacking or something else, it is important that you have it in writing

If this price is in the contract then you can avoid any unpleasant situations. Imagine that you did not sign a contract, and the price that they told you is significantly higher once you have moved. This can have a serious impact on your budget, hence sign a moving contract before the relocation.

What should be included in a moving contract?

Of course, not every moving contract is perfect. No two moving contracts are the same, so you should take a careful look at the information provided in them. Moving companies in Massachusetts take great pride in their moving contracts and their customers’ satisfaction. Here is a list of what should not be left out.

  • Contact information – In your moving contract, make sure to have contact information of your movers, and vice versa, they should always be able to reach you
  • Old and new address – Write down the location of your old house, as well the address of your new house, and avoid any confusion and
  • What kind of service do you use – This is very important as this is the list of services that you will pay for. List packing, unpacking, moving, etc.
  • Price – How and how much will you be charged. Moving companies can charge you by the hour, by the mileage, by the weight of your items. This is all normal, just get it in writing. Also, a certain digit of your final cost should be in your contract, as we mentioned above. Moving scams happen every day, and this is a way to avoid them.
  • Inventory list – the list of all the items that you will relocate should be in the contract and pay special attention to list all the large items.
a key with a message welcome home, a moving contract and a pen and an open moving box
Make sure to sing a moving contract before you pay anything in advance

The blank contract

As we already mentioned, not every moving contract will protect you. Make sure never to sign a blank contract, because this leaves too much space for additional costs. This can be another way for the moving company to charge you higher fees. Nothing sounds more like a fraud business more than a blank contract. If they offer it to you, feel free to tell them no, and move on with your search for the right moving company.

Signing a moving contract is definitely one of the best things you can do to avoid stress and any unpleasant surprises. There is really no valid reason for the moving companies not to offer you one. Good luck!

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