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The importance of moving company reviews

Posted on : May 17, 2019

The vital thing prior to your move is hiring moving company. Nowadays you can see that there are a lot of moving companies in Massachusets you can choose from so you need to sort them out. We are presenting a list of reasons why it is important to write and read moving company reviews before the move.

Sort the companies

Moving company reviews represent a way for companies to advertise. Also, people who wish to have the best possible move have the chance to find out the opinions of other users about the service they had. These opinions are valuable information because you can use them this way to can sort the companies out.

When hiring a company, don’t be lazy. We understand that you would rather just hire some company because it is a boring job to sit home and go through all of them. Yes, it is boring but this way you can make a mistake and find yourself in a situation where you can’t turn back from. Use the opinions of other people to your advantage! Also, if you would like to learn how to avoid the 10 biggest moving mistakes, you can get our book and prevent unfortunate events.

How to find reviews?

We must be grateful for living in the modern era. Reviews about moving companies nowadays are the most accessible than ever. In the past few decades, the reviews were only the words that came from peoples mouth. You could only find out the opinion of the company from someone you personally knew. Most of them are your family and friends so you had to rely on that.

Moving company reviews are best found on the internet
Browse the internet to find the reviews

In the era of the internet, you should be able to know how to inspect the company. You just have to go online and search through pages to find out the most opinions from people that used the company.

Avoid scams

This is important to know. Some of the moving companies aren’t made for the purpose to help people move but to scam them in order to make a profit. We all know that this is illegal but who cares?! While you may have the chance to settle thing on the court, it isn’t much of a comfort. So, you need to know some things on how to check the company if it is legit:

  • License and insurance– The company needs to have a license for work from some government instance. This is a key thing you should do when inspecting moving companies so don’t allow to overlook this. Check their MC and USDOT numbers and if they have this, they have the right to operate.
  • Precise estimate– Most of the moving companies offer to give you an estimate for your move. The key to avoiding moving scams is to get a precise estimate with no possibilities to go any higher. This way you protect yourself from the companies that have tendencies to increase the price of the move in order to give your things back to you.
  • Answers– A moving company must be totally transparent. They must be completely clear when answering your questions. You have to know that you have the freedom to ask whatever you like so don’t hold back. If answers aren’t transparent enough, that is the sign for the alarm!
Moving frauds are common nowadays
Watch for the signs of a scam!

People often don’t leave this kind of comment due to already writing a review about it so it is considered to be legitimate. Anyhow, you should still check these things in order to avoid being scammed. When you check all of them, you can be sure that you found the company.

Find whether people are satisfied with the company’s service

Besides checking the company’s legitimacy, you can find out information about whether people are satisfied with the company’s service or not. Every company has its own method of business and code on how to manage it. This is in theory. But in practice, things can be a little different. It is very important who work at the company. Workers who work there are the variable that is changed from company to company. When reading moving company reviews you should find information about this matter so you could know whether to hire the company or not. If there isn’t any information, see if you can contact people who wrote the reviews and ask them personally.

Also, you will find the information if the company can provide service for your needs. Moving from Boston to Philadephia is not so hard but moving across multiple countries can be a little too much for the company you are reviewing.

Moving company reviews can be fake!

The world isn’t always honest. People have different ways on how to make money and they won’t be scrupulous in order to achieve that. When inspecting moving company be aware of fake reviews. It isn’t so rare for them to do this so they can increase their business by doing false advertising.

False advertising is not that rare nowadays
Be aware of fake reviews!

If you see that it is the case, you should always report it. No legitimate moving company will do this. If the company works good, they don’t have the need to false advertise because people will recognize them as trustworthy.

Wrong decision?

If you checked moving company reviews thoroughly, you shouldn’t make a mistake. But we have to cover this area so you could know what to do when dealing with a fraudulent company. First, don’t panic. Most companies won’t ask you to pay the full cost of the move. Scamming companies can do this too in order to look trustworthy. They can ask for a small deposit, but it isn’t that big in order to panic about it. If you must lose money. it is better to lose less, right? Second, you should call the police. This way you protect yourself and have a chance to have that money back.

As you can see, the importance of moving company reviews is huge. Avoid moving companies and find out if the company works well by checking other peoples opinions. It can save you from a lot of trouble so you should definitely use it to your advantage.

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