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Movers in Malden, MA

Premium Q Moving & Storage provides the community of Malden, MA with high quality and +A rated moving services. Whether you are moving into the town or leaving Malden, we have the perfect team, trucks, and experience to get the job done right for you. With a population of around 28,000 residents, the need for reliable moving in Malden has never been greater. Premium Q Moving is a company that offers full moving services. Whether you’re moving from a small studio apartment or a large Victorian house, our team knows exactly how to plan and coordinate a smooth relocation that meets your needs.
Your home and valuables are priceless and an important part of your life. We understand this and we hold every crew member to the highest standard. Our main focus is providing proper customer service, quick
and efficient work, and a team that cares about you.

Moving can be a very taxing process, both physically and mentally. Best way to minimize the impact it will have on you is to hire a professional moving company to help you in your move. When moving into or out of Malden, you want the best movers Malden MA has to offer. Premium Q Moving and Storage Boston will cover that, and more. We pride ourselves on making every move as close to perfect as it can be. To accomplish this, local movers in Boston carefully examine your needs and provide you with the best services possible.

Choosing The Best Movers Malden MA

Moving Company

Selecting the right moving company for your needs can be a long and arduous process. We at Premium Q Moving and Storage Boston are fully aware of that and will carefully select the perfect mover for you, from a large list of movers Malden MA. We want to make your move perfect, according to your wishes.

Best Movers Malden MA are a winning team for all your moving needs
Getting your moving done perfectly is our goal!

No matter what are your requirements, we will provide you with a mover that will meet them head-on. Whether it is a long distance move or across the street, we will match you with movers that will provide safety, security, while providing you with unbeatable rates.

Services that we provide

Apart from transporting your belongings to your new home, there are numerous other services that we can provide for you. Some of these services are :

  • Planning
  • Packing
  • Storage
  • Army Moves


When it comes to planning, it is almost impossible to find a better solution than what we have to offer. We have extensive experience in this area and we take pride in our planning prowess. We consider planning to be the most important aspect of the move, as it influences all the other areas.

You can put your move in our hands as we've got the best plan.
Planning takes care of getting the move done flawlessly

Of course, having a good plan is not enough so we combine our planning expertise with the best movers Malden MA has to offer, which results in a powerful moving combination.


Most of the time used in the moving process, apart from transportation to another state, is used in packing. This can be long and also a demanding process, which is why we offer our professional packing services. We will pack your belongings in the most effective and safe way possible, due to our extensive packing experience. Also, you can see how the help of professionals can help you avoid trouble packing robust furniture.

You also do not need to worry about needing additional packing supplies, we can provide those for you, as well.


When moving, there might be some things that you are not ready to place inside the home just yet. For these cases, we offer our storage services at an unbeatable price. You can safely store your belongings in our storage facilities until they are ready for transport to your new home.

Army Moves

Premium Q Moving and Storage Boston is one of the companies that offer both local and also long-distance army moves. We will provide you with a full relocation plan, regardless of where you are moving to, at an affordable price. Give us a call to find out exactly what we offer and we will not disappoint.

Why Is Premium Q Moving and Storage Boston The Best Solution For You?

Highly Customized Moves

When you hire us, you will get a move that is tailored specifically toward your needs. Processes that we have in place ensure that we execute every move as best as possible. This allows us to maintain a 98% customer satisfaction rate. 

Each and every one of our moves is unique, in a way that is just right for you. We accomplish this by having highly experienced staff in every single position and they all work together to make the move as perfect as it can be.

When you choose us for your moving needs, you are choosing a dedicated team who considers you and your needs as the most important thing.

Best Movers Malden MA has to offer

We have a strong relationship with many Class A licensed movers and will select the right one for you. This will, in turn, provide you with an unbeatable match of experience and price for your move. Your belongings will arrive where they need to securely, safely and at rates that are unbeatable.

Family Values

Best Movers Malden MA are a family operated company and pride ourselves in strong family values. We project these values to every aspect of our business. This means that every move that we conduct will be governed by those principles. From consideration and high-quality standards to service guarantees that we provide to every single customer, our moves reflect our company’s values.

There isn't anything more important than family, and same goes for our bussiness.
We built our companies’ values with the family in the center

You are at the forefront of our planning process, the move has to be perfect in your eyes.

Little Bit About Malden MA

Malden, Massachusets is a city with a population of around 60 thousand people. In 2009, Malden was pronounced as “The Best Place to Raise Your Kids”, by Bloomberg Businessweek. Not much has changed since then, Malden is still one of the best places in the world to raise your kids at.

There are around 30 park sites in the city, all offering a different kind of experience. There are also many recreational facilities, ranging from basketball and tennis courts to various ballfields and the like.

Some of the best amenities in Malden include the Night Shift Brewing, which is a famous Malden brewery, and Boda Borg Boston.

BBB is a game center for the whole family where you can engage in various activities, such as breaking out of prison, exploring a haunted house and more. There are 17 “Quests” in the place, specially designed to challenge individuals or teams. This place is one of the reasons why Malden MA is such a good place for raising kids. Teamwork is a skill that you want to teach your kids early and where better to do just that than in a fun and friendly (and also competitive) environment.

All in all, Malden is a great place to live and if you are considering moving there, you are definitely not making a mistake. All you need to do is give us a call and we will find the best movers Malden MA to get you white glove delivery to your home!

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