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Movers in Danvers, MA

Danvers is your new final frontier? Such amazing taste you have. Or was it accidental? Be as it may – it couldn’t have gone better than that. Danvers is a place to behold. However, this leaves one slight problem – the relocation. This is where movers Danvers MA jump to the rescue! What we strive to achieve is to remove all the stressful heavy lifting off your plate and have you enjoy your relocation.

Premium Q Moving & Storage provides the community of Danvers, MA with high quality and +A rated moving services. Whether you are moving into the town or leaving Danvers, we have the perfect team, trucks, and experience to get the job done right for you. With a population of around 28,000 residents, the need for reliable moving in Danvers has never been greater. Premium Q Moving is a company that offers full moving services. Whether you’re moving from a small studio apartment or a large Victorian house, our team knows exactly how to plan and coordinate a smooth relocation that meets your needs.
Your home and valuables are priceless and an important part of your life. We understand this and we hold every crew member to the highest standard. Our main focus is providing proper customer service, quick
and efficient work, and a team that cares about you.

Imagine moving without any stress or obnoxious logistics difficulties. Imagine not lifting a finger and actually taking the time to enjoy the precious moment of moving to a new home? Movers Danvers MA make all of this possible. All you have to do is place your trust in the hands of top moving companies in Massachusettssit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

Movers Danvers MA

How is all this possible? We take pride in our extensive experience in the field. Adding to this we have the latest equipment available to cater to all your potential needs. Our moving agents are all extensively trained and prepared for all tasks in the field.

What you get is a full package! From the moment you pick up the phone to call us to the moment where we say our goodbyes, you are completely covered. There is almost nothing you have to do throughout the entire process. The only thing we expect from you are instructions and carefully explained wishes and desires. From that point on we place all of our focus on delivering upon your wishes.

Movers Danvers MA focus deliver service that the customers expect of the best professionals in the business
One team, one goal – your satisfaction!

At the forefront of all, we do lay our customer satisfaction. All we do and hope to achieve revolves around how happy you are when our contract ends. This is why all our customers are also our ambassadors, speaking highly of the experience they had with us. Likewise, if there are any negative experiences we are more than eager to hear about them and learn how to improve even more. Fortunately, our testimonials so far are all extremely positive and speak highly of all the interactions we’ve had. We surely hope to keep it that way!

Movers Danvers MA – Services

The list of our services is extensive. We offer an entire package, covering almost all possible needs you have with your move. This is regardless of whether we are talking about commercial moving or residential moving. Whichever the case may be, we are more than equipped and prepared to cater to your needs.

Our services cover everything from consulting, packing, relocating, and transportation. Furthermore, we offer services that complement the move itself and they include storage solutions and insurance. All of these will be briefly explained in order for you to have a concise image of what you can expect from our moving professionals.

Consulting services

Our moving professionals are here to consult you before anything else takes place. Some of our customers can be uncertain as to what type of service they need. This is where our consulting services come into play. One of our representatives will listen about your needs and potentially investigate the moving site. Based on observations made we will proceed to give advice about what type of service you will need in order to make your move as successful as possible.

Packing services

If you wish one less thing to worry about we offer complete packing services. This is for customers that really wish to have nothing with the process of moving. We understand and respect that which is why we offer such services. Still, some people decide to pack themselves and we offer them tips on how to do it.

If you are not one of them, the only thing needed from you would be to classify your belongings in categories. These categories will let us know which items you wish to have access to first, and which ones you will need to see last. This is, of course, for the sake of your comfort once you arrive at your new home. If you have no particular order in mind our moving experts will take care of it without your guidance.

Relocation and Transport

The basis of what we do is relocation and transport. This is the most basic service that all moving companies offer. Movers Danvers MA is no exception. The relocation and transport include exactly what the name specifies. Everything from loading the trucks with your packed belongings, to taking them to the final destination for unloading.

Our moving teams have year of experience in inter state and long distance moving.
Near, far, wherever you are – we will deliver your things safely and quickly

Storage solutions

Aside from the above-mentioned services, if need shows itself, we offer storage solutions. This is for moves that are in need of a safe and secure space to store some of their belongings, temporarily. Fortunately, we offer just that. This saves time and doesn’t force you to seek this type of a service elsewhere. We finish everything for you!

These storage units are climate controlled and quite secure, removing any possibility of your items being damaged or stolen.


One of the services you should probably never try to save on. Insurance is your safety net. Regardless of how professional our moving experts are, there is always a slight chance that an accident might occur. This insurance makes sure you are covered no matter what happens. It’s just a little something to help all our customers sleep sound at night and worry about absolutely nothing. In case of anything going wrong, and some harm comes to your belongings, you will be more than adequately compensated for your loss.

Insurance is in case something happens policy, but it's better that you have it in case something happens, then you don't.
You will miss having insurance when you needed it the most. So don’t gamble and take insurance.

At the end of it all, we highly hope that you will place your trust in our hands. In return, we promise to save you both time, money and nerves. Hopefully, one day you will join the army of satisfied customers that we have left behind.

Residential movers Boston anxiously await your call!


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