How to safely pack fragile items?

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    So, you’ve decided to make that big change in your life, to relocate. You’ve found a perfect spot for starting a new life, a place for new life adventures. Congratulations. Moving to another place could be a great positive change. But it often becomes stressful when you start thinking about all the things that one has to do before the final moving day. When thinking of moving to a new home, one should not forget about, what some would say, the most stressful part of the move – packing. Everyone would want to avoid breaking or damaging their valuables in the process of moving. So we believe this article will be useful to all planning a move. We will try to give you some tips on how to pack fragile items for relocating in order to help you protect your valuables during your move.

    Relocation and what comes with it

    This usually is the time when all the different questions start to appear in one’s head. You are probably wondering where to start, how to make a plan, how to pack your possessions. Take a deep breath, you can do everything easily just by making a good moving plan. Start from making a checklist which will be your guide through the whole process. Gathering all the necessary information is of crucial importance. Especially about the cost, which will be good for monitoring the budget. One of the most important things that should be on your checklist is hiring a reliable moving company. Premium Q Moving and Storage Boston is a company with extensive experience in providing services of relocating homes. By hiring professionals you will save your valuable time and be sure that everything will be done in line with the schedule.

    Making a good checklist is important part of moving and packing
    Organize your packing by making a good plan

    Sorting your belongings before packing it

    First and foremost, make sure you organize your belongings prior to packing. Start by segregating the ones which are valuable and fragile and create a list of items that require special attention. Packing delicate items can be a very time-consuming job. You definitely don’t want to rush wish and end up accidentally breaking them. By separating and properly labeling all of your fragile valuables you will avoid unnecessary headaches. Knowing that packing is not such an easy process, we recommend you start organizing and packing at least two weeks before the actual move. So let’s find out how to properly pack fragile items.

    How to properly pack fragile items when moving your home

    You should take several things into consideration when packing your sensitive items. First of all, you need to ensure you have all the packing supplies such as bubble wrap, tape, scissors, and proper packing boxes in different sizes. You may think that any cardboard box will work. But this, unfortunately, is rarely true as most of the boxes were not produced for carrying heavy content. Such ordinary boxes can often fall apart due to weight. And we are sure that this is the last thing you would want to happen when you are moving your favorite porcelain.

    You should have all packing supplies for packing your items, from boxes, tapes, bubble wraps
    Packing supplies

    Choosing the right boxes to pack fragile items

    Trying to generate savings by purchasing boxes of lower quality just because they are cheaper is one of the worst mistakes you can make. Usually, people visit their local supermarkets and ask for some extra cardboard boxes. While this might be practical and could allow you to save some money, please have in mind that some of those boxes were not made for moving heavy or fragile items. Are you really willing to risk your valuables by getting a box that is highly likely to rip apart half way to the moving truck? If not, there are safer options, such as getting new boxes specialized for moving. Our packing services Boston can provide you with a different type of boxes, but can also do a full service of packing. So, if you are not about to pack on your own, we are at your disposal.

    When you are sure you have all the boxes and all other packing supplies, you can start packing. Here are some useful tips for packing plates, glassware, vases, and fine ceramics, large glass items, lamps etc.

    It is very important to safely pack fragile items
    Pack properly all your beloved fragile items

    There are several different types of moving boxes that you can use to pack fragile items:

    * Dish-pack boxes– are perfect for fragile items, glasses, and vases. They have cell dividers, so you can put bowls, dishes, and stemware. Separate everything with paper or bubble wrap to avoid possible damages.

    * Mirror boxes– You are worried about packing mirrors and pictures? There are specialized boxes for such items, too. Made of special telescoping cartons, mirror boxes are providing safety packing.

    Step by step packing

    Well packed items are very important, so here are some useful steps for packing:

    1. Measuring and cutting the cardboard– Measure the cardboard by allowing a few extra inches on each side of the item, so that you can roll it up. Use strong but pliable cardboard.

    2. Bubble- wrappingBubble wrap has two sides, so make sure to put the smooth side directly next to the item. Roll your possession in it slowly, until you protect them from all sides. The more bubble wraps and papers you put, the safer your belonging will be.

    3. Wrapping items in cardboard– After bubble wrapping your belongings, put cardboard on the package. Use the same procedure of rolling, but pay attention to the top and the bottom. Use a firm grip, so that your item doesn’t slip out.

    4. Tape it– Put the tape around the package several times. You can also put another layer of bubble wrap, for extra protection.

    5. Stuff Hollow Items– You should stuff items like vases, jars, and bowls with packing paper to prevent damage.

    6. Correct labeling– Labeling is also very important since it can increase efficiency and also helps the movers know what is inside any box. Mark boxes with fragile items with stickers, or make other visible signs on the box.

    7. Use soft materials– one of the tips on how to pack fragile items- Layer some soft materials such as towels, packing paper or Styrofoam to the bottom of all boxes that contain fragile belongings. This way you will secure the box and provide padding for the items.

    With such a fully protected possession you are ready for your moving day without worries. So, start making a moving checklist, pack fragile items and other belongings, and have a great new start.

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