Top tourist attractions in Massachusetts

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    Have you ever been wondering how many impressive things and attractions a state such as Massachusetts has on offer? Well, if you are thinking about that you are in the right place. Whatever the reason for your coming to Massachusetts is, this place is a unique one and will for sure astonish you. Traveling like a tourist, or maybe thinking about moving your home, you should get acquainted with the top tourist attractions in Massachusetts. Even if you already live here, it is never too late to explore the city you live in and learn something new about it. In this article, we will try to give you the insight of the best attractions that represent the spirit of this place.

    Few words about Massachusetts

    There are few places that can offer as much as Massachusetts. The state of four distinctive seasons is ideal for sports enthusiasts, history buffs and beach lovers. It is a home to world-class educational institutions, a very effective health care system, and amazing cuisine. Whether you are considering buying or renting a home, Massachusetts has a lot to offer.

    Cape Cod

    Cape Cod and its’ white, sandy beaches and dunes, remain untouched from the 1800s. And is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Massachusetts. These beaches are ideal for summer relaxation, quality time with the family, scuba diving, surfing or just enjoying the views. For a day out with the family head to Breakwater Beach and for the scenery the Sandy Neck Beach. Go to the North shore to find some less crowded beaches and enjoy the white sand at Orleans and Chatham. Still soaked in sun, walk along the Atlantic White Cedar Swamp Trail for a different experience. Lovely views and bird – watching or local nesting shorebirds.

    One of the top tourist attractions in Massachusetts
    Cape Cod, one of the top tourist attractions in Massachusetts

    Martha’s Vineyard

    Take a 45 – minute ferry ride from Cape Cod and treat yourself to everything Martha’s Vineyard has on display. The island and a popular tourist attraction in Massachusetts emanates a unique laid-back island vibe. That is accompanied by picturesque scenery and architecture. Hop on a bicycle or a bus and explore the beaches, seaside villages, and farmer’s markets. Take a food tour, witness those romantic sunsets from one of the lighthouses. Or ride one of the oldest merry-go-rounds. Meet the locals and they just might treat you to freshly picked produce and eggs. Take a glimpse of famous “gingerbread houses” and posh estates of the wealthy and don’t forget your camera.

    Stellwagen Bank

    Only 25 miles away from Boston lies The Stellwagen National Marine Sanctuary. One of the most popular tourist attractions in Massachusetts. Also, it’s world-famous whale – watching site. This is an underwater plateau with food – rich water and a rich ecosystem. The park is home to a rich marine life and various species. Including the Great White shark, humpback whales, and dolphins. A mother humpback whale, swimming together with her calf, teaching it how to feed and hunt is a heartwarming sight. Consider booking a whale – watching tour and a trained guide to help you spot and identify different species of wildlife. This is an experience for the entire family and what an experience it is.

    Fenway Park

    Home to Boston Red Sox and the oldest MLB park, Fenway Park is located near the Kenmore Square, a nice area to consider if you are moving to Boston. It’s one of the best – known sports venues in the world and the site of many cultural events. Fenway hosted concerts of many famous musicians and various sports events.  Such as soccer and football games, hockey and every snowboarding. Take a guided walking tour in the park and get to experience some of the unique features of the park. Enjoy the Green Monster (left field wall in the park), Pesky’s pole (the right field foul pole) and Duffy’s Cliff. Whether you are a baseball fan or not, Fenway Park is a central and popular tourist attraction in Massachusetts and it’s an experience not to be missed.

    One of the most popular tourist attractions in Massachusetts is Fenway Park
      Fenway Baseball Park

    Harvard University

    This place is known as one of the world’s leading academic institutions and one of the top tourist attractions in Massachusetts. All of that due to the beautiful surroundings, historic buildings, and great museums. Harvard Square, together with petite coffeeshops, vibrant bookstores, cafes and restaurants is a vein of this lively campus. Visiting Harvard can turn into an activity-packed day and a day might not be enough to visit all the museums. Whether you are interested in the Italian Renaissance, Expressionism, antiquities, Zoology or Ethnology, you will find something to suit your taste. The Native American Museum has an impressive collection of art and artifacts. And the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology is a must. Book a guided tour of the Harvard University Campus and the admission to all the museums is free of charge.


    About 30 miles south from Cape Cod lies one of the most popular tourist attractions in Massachusetts – Nantucket island. A National Historic District and former whaling port is a very popular summer destination. But equally appealing throughout the year. Here, you’ll find pristine beaches, ideal for surfing and spending quality time with the family. Go fishing, hit the waves, take a hike and finish a day at one of the many exquisite restaurants.  Accommodation on offer is various – lodges, boutique hotels, villas and you are sure to find something inspiring. Don’t forget your camera and enjoy the sunset from one of the charming lighthouses on the island.

    Nantucket as one of the best tourist attractions in Massachusetts
                         Lighthouse in Nantucket

    As you can see, in this article, we’ve mentioned some of the top tourist attractions in Massachusetts that one should see. There are plenty of more, just do a bit of research and you will be surprised at how interesting this place can be. And if you maybe decided to move to Boston or to some other place in Massachusetts, you will not make a mistake. With a variety of activities and a good lifestyle that can provide, it can be a perfect living place. Start making a moving plan and pack your belongings. Massachusetts is waiting for you.

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