How to avoid injuries on moving day?

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    Making a decision to move your home to another place and start a new life is a big deal, which requires a good preparation and organization. Moving is a complex process and although it brings a positive change, it can cause a lot of stress. Probably the most stressful part is thinking about adjusting to your new place of living. In order to decrease the level of possible stress during the move, be well informed and prepared for everything. Apart from the stress, pay special attention not to harm yourself in all the hurry and thrill about moving. In this article, we will try to give you some advice on how to avoid injuries on moving day. Because nothing is more important than your health and safety.avoid injuries on moving day

    Things you should know about the moving process

    Relocation can be a joyful exercise. On the other hand, there is a whole other not so bright side of relocation which requires a lot of work to be done and energy invested. First and foremost, start with a good moving plan which will be your guide throughout the whole process. Make a list of tasks that you need to do before the final day. There are plenty of tasks that should be on that list, starting from finding real estate agent, packing, cleaning house etc. But, one of the most important tasks is finding a reliable moving company. When talking about professional movers, our Premium Q Moving and Storage Boston is a company with extensive experience. It is providing various kinds of moving services with the highest level of professionalism.

    In addition to thinking about moving companies and making a moving checklist, have on your mind the safety of your belongings. And more importantly your own safety.  So, let us see how you can avoid injuries on moving day.

    Strategy to avoid injuries on moving day

    Knowing that the moving preparations can cause various types of injuries, making a strategy first on how to avoid them is a great idea. Injuries can happen at any time, and in just a few seconds due to the lack of concentration while some of them you cannot predict. A few tips might be helpful as a mitigating measure. Regardless of whether you are about to have a long distance relocation or you are moving locally. The help that our moving company can provide you with the rules about the safety of you and your family members will be valuable.

    Packing as one of the important ways to avoid injuries on moving day

    Although having fewer boxes to move to the truck might save your time, please note that the most common injuries are caused by lifting oversized and heavy boxes. And carrying them from your home to the truck. Try to have different sizes of boxes, and to put heavier items in smaller ones. Especially if you are packing fragile items, do not put them in very big boxes and do not mix them with other not so fragile possessions. Big boxes are for light-weight belongings, such as pillows, curtains, kid’s toys etc. The boxes shouldn’t weight more than 50 pounds each.

    Also, have on mind that you should stretch before lifting and carrying heavy items. Never bend over to pick the box. You should squat down the entire lower body and lift the weight with your legs, not with your back. Always take your time, rest, lift and walk slowly. Just listen to your body and do not put too much pressure on it.

    A clean path will make the moving much easier without injuries

    The most common injuries happen due to slipping on the floor. In order to prevent this scenario, remove all possible items that might be dangerous, such as carpeting or lose cords. Clear the pathways to ensure you have sufficient space for safe and obstacle-free moving. Move your furniture in a way which will enable you to easily walk through the house while carrying things outside.

    Make an advance plan on which entrance of the house you will use for carrying heavier and bigger items such as furniture. Make that path clean, watch for steps, inspect every inch of that path so that nothing can surprise you. There could be a need to mark the steps with enviro-friendly chalk in order to make them visible. Watch for hazard areas such as tree benches, posts, poles that might pose a problem. Making a good plan and mapping is crucial.

    How to avoid injuries on moving day due to bad weather conditions

    Relocating your home during the winter time can save a lot of your money due to lower costs offered by moving companies in this period of the year. Although the expenses might be lower, the possibility for any kind of injuries can be higher. Snow, ice and slippery path can make moving activities dangerous and lower temperatures can make your possessions more exposed to damages. In order to protect yourself and your belongings, clear the snow from sidewalks, walkways, and driveways. Make sure that the parking area is cleared also with sufficient room for movers to use their equipment. Protect the inside space of your home especially entrance, with cardboard to avoid injuries due to wet floors.

    Do not miss these things out

    Wearing gloves with special grips is a must so that you can prevent items slipping from your hands. You can always ask for help from your friends or even hire professionals that can pack and carry all your items. Prepare yourself with proper clothing and footwear, especially if weather conditions are bad. If you have children keep them away while the packing process is ongoing due to their safety. The same thing is with pets. Always keep a first aid kit at your disposal and within the reach of your hand. Hopefully, you will not need it, but better be safe than sorry.

    We hope this article will help you in preparing for your moving day. We’ve mentioned the crucial things which can help you avoid injuries on moving day. Always be cautious and use your common sense. We hope you will have a pleasant moving day.

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