How to save space while packing

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    Moving is a brutal process. And we have spent some time looking for a word that describes it better, and we found none. Simply put, moving is brutal. What makes it brutal? The incredible amount of elements that it consists of. And the problem is – if one goes wrong you’re in trouble. It is like a house of cards that instantly collapses on top of you as soon as you mess up the order of things. One of the dreadful elements of this project is packing. We will be focusing on how you can save space while packing, as this is one of the most challenging things you can face during a move.

    This, of course, does not apply if you hire professional packing assistance, such as Premium Q Moving and Storage BostonProfessional packers are experienced enough and trained in order to handle packing with ease. Furthermore, their primary objective is to save space while packing. They make it look easy. But is it, really?

    Absolutely not. Packing has too many elements that can go wrong. And if you are not sure what you are doing, you will not only not save space while packing, but cause potential damage to your belongings. Or worse. You might end up losing something most precious to you. But, unfortunately, hiring professional moving assistance is expensive, and paying extra coin for packing services can turn out to be quite a luxury.

    Trying to save space while packing – DIY

    Fortunately, our advice is not to save money on hiring professional moving assistance. However, you can save money on hiring packing services. Packing is difficult, yet easy. There are certain steps that you shouldn’t miss, and if you don’t, you’ll be golden. So what are these steps and are they difficult to achieve? The answer is no. The steps are easy and universal and can be applied to any type of packing. They help you save space while packing, and furthermore, they help you with the unpacking process once it comes down to it.

    We will share a few universal tips when it comes to packing. These tips should help the process altogether and maybe help you save space while packing. This if course varies greatly based on the items that are being packed, but can be, in most cases, applied to numerous moving projects.

    Create a moving inventory list

    Before you start packing, the best thing you could do is create a moving inventory list. This will be helpful in more than one way. First and foremost, when you create a moving inventory list, you are able to figure out exactly what you have and what you will be packing. To make it even better, you could create a packing strategy on paper.

    If you want to save space while packing you have to pencil down an inventory list.
    An inventory list is imperative.

    Once you have made a full inventory list of things you will be packing, start creating a strategy. You can sort the items into groups and plan out the number of boxes for each group. Another handy way to save space while packing is by doing a packing purge. 

    This means that, once you create the list, you might spot some items that you really don’t need or use. These items should be recycled, donated, sold or thrown away, depending on the item. This alone will create an incredible amount of space for you within the move. It might be difficult saying goodbye to some items… But it is for the greater good!

    Create a packing strategy

    The best way to save space while packing is to have a concise plan of packing. You have made your inventory list, which was step number one. Now, since you have the list, proceed to send the items into groups for packing. Small objects with other small objects, clothing with clothing. Mix and match things that belong with one another, either because of material or size. This will help you utilize your moving boxes in the best way possible.

    save space while packing by making a solid strategy, and stick to it!
    Make a strategy and stick to it.

    You don’t want any of your moving boxes to have unused space inside. If you are relocating your office, you can always ask commercial Boston movers for assistance

    Do a purge

    Again, it might be painful throwing something away. But, if you are not using that item or see no purpose for it, throwing it away, donating or selling is the way to go. When moving, any unnecessary item is an extra cost and extra work. And you don’t want either of those.

    This is a perfect opportunity to reach out to the humanitarian in you. If you have old clothes you will not be using – donate. If you have some electronic devices you have no use for, sell them or donate. Another perfect opportunity to organize a garage sale where you might even earn an extra buck, all the while reducing the number of items you have to pack and carry. It’s a win-win!

    Color coding

    If you really want to save space while packing, and save time while unpacking, color coding is the way to go. It is the simplest possible thing you can do, but it can save tons of trouble in the long run. I set my color coding based on priority when I pack my boxes. Red boxes are the ones I will need as soon as I arrive to my final destination, and the blue ones are probably not going to be needed within the first week.

    When moving, in order to keep track of everything, you should color code your boxes!
    Color code your boxes!

    This way, I know that the most necessary items will be within arms reach as soon as I reach my new home. Easy peasy. You won’t need an excavation team to locate the things you need the most once you arrive at your new home! Also, make sure to read on how to avoid injuries on a moving day!

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