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How to save space when packing?

Posted on : November 16, 2018

Nor many people look forward to packing. Even when moving to a new home, packing ma present the most difficult aspect of the entire relocation process. However, packing your home doesn’t have to be the thing you dread in advance. There are few simple tricks and tips that can make this part of the move really simple and even fun. Keep reading and find out how you can make this process easier, exiting and save space when packing your home. Saving space will make the unpacking process easier and faster.

Where to start when packing your home?

Packing may seem like the most difficult part of the move. However, packing is only hard when you don’t prepare in advance. To prepare for your relocation and save time and space when packing, make sure you organize. A detailed to-do list will help you stay organized and on task. Most people make a mistake and lose themselves in work. They start with one task and jump to another without finishing it. You should avoid this if you want to stay on track and finish the packing process before the moving day. List all the task and write everything down on paper. If you do you will recognize the most important tasks and prioritize.

the list printed on paper
Organize in advance and list your tasks. This will help you stay more efficient.

After making your list, consider finding a reliable moving service. Finding reliable movers and packing professionals is very important. Keep in mind that you should let your movers know in advance about your move. Also, to stay safe and save money on your relocation, you should ask for a moving quote. Finding and hiring quality movers may take time. Reliable Boston movers in your area will give you a quote and help you organize your move without difficulty. But you should do an extensive research before you contact any moving company.

Organize the packing process like a pro

Before you start packing your belongings, you should find the best way to downsize your move and save space when packing. This is the most important step when moving on a budget. To save money when moving home, you should consider decluttering your home. This process is quite easy but it can take some of your free time. In the long run, it pays off because you can save a substantial amount on your relocation fees. When you decide to declutter, start the process in one room in your home. To speed up the decluttering process use 4 plastic bins or boxes and label them – toss, keep, donate and throw away.

Go through your belongings and sort out everything. Try to be honest about the items that you will never use again or you don’t need. This way you will be able to downsize your moving cargo and get the best possible quote form your reliable movers. Make sure to declutter your attic, your garage, and pantry. If there is any leftover food, consider donating food to a shelter. If you do, keep a receipt for writing off this expense.

cardboard moving boxes
Use quality packing supplies when packing your home.

Get all the packing supplies

After you finish decluttering your home, it is time to get all the packing supplies you will need for packing. Calculate how much packing supplies you will need for securing your belongings. In case you have belongings like mirrors, lamps and similar odd shaped items that require special attention, consider buying specialized moving boxes. Keep in mind that is very important you buy moving boxes in various sizes and enough other packing materials for wrapping your belongings. Those packing materials may include:

  • Packing tape – consider that you will need rolls of packing tape to secure wrapped items as well as the bottoms and tops of your moving boxes.
  • Waterproof markers – use them for labeling each box after you pack it
  • Bubble wrapping paper – you can use   bubble wrapping paper for wrapping sensitive and fragile items
  • Packing peanuts – it very useful for packing items that have odd shapes
  • Plastic wrap – you will need the plastic wrap to cover and wrap your big furniture pieces and kitchen appliances
  • Packing paper – will be useful for securing kitchenware, mugs glasses, plates etc.

In case you don’t have time to pack your home efficiently, consider hiring a professional packing service. Packing professionals have years of experience and they can pack your entire home in a day or two. Movers use quality packing supplies to protect your belongings for transport. Also, they know import and export laws so they can advise on items you shouldn’t pack when you are moving home. Professionals know how to save space when packing and they are efficient and fast.

How to save space when packing?

There are numerous ways to save space when packing your home belongings:

  • Use Ziploc bagsZiploc bags in various sizes can be very useful when packing your home and traveling. They are great for packing small pieces, cables and other miscellaneous items from your drawers. Use the remaining space for family photographs or other documents to save space when packing.
  • Put furniture cousins inside your furniture before packing.
  • Sort out your belongings by type – Pack similar items together.
  • Use the items you already have for packing – use towels, shirts, blankets kitchen towels to wrap items when packing.
  • Save space when packing and put smaller items inside bigger ones. This will save you a lot of space when packing your kitchen.

    stack of books
    Pack the similar items together and save space.

Don’t forget to pack your essentials

Nobody wants to move without essential items. When moving your home, you will need basic items for the first few days before you unpack everything else. Put aside the most important items you wish to pack and take a suitcase with you. Make sure not to forget to pack a few pieces of clothing. You can save space when packing and roll your shirts and pants like towels. You can also take a cosmetics bag to pack beauty products.

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