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Meeting the new neighbors – the best approach

Posted on : February 11, 2019

There is a very frequent question that has reached our message boxes. And it is an interesting topic to discuss. Meeting the new neighbors – what is the best approach? I always thought that this is just some natural, unplanned process that happens more often than not. But, I was mistaken. It is actually more frequent that people have no idea how meeting the new neighbors should go. But the reality is that there is no universal recipe. Meeting the new neighbors is a normal part of life that you will face more often than you can imagine. Like when I had movers Cambridge MA helping me move, my neighbors just stood and watch silently over the fence. It really felt freaky!

So what should you do and how should you do it? We will share a few ideas we have on the matter. However, we don’t believe that these ideas are universally applicable. Your new neighbors are people and there is such a huge diversity factor that you cannot simply make one formula. But, you can share some universal guidelines that will not lead to a disastrous introduction.

Meeting the new neighbors – the approach

The best thing when meeting the new neighbors is to be open and warm. Usually, when people move into the new neighborhood they have just gone through the entire relocation process. It has been a very expensive and stressful journey, especially if they are a huge family. Although, the process was much easier because of all the help I had from local movers Boston.

In cases like this (that are the most frequent ones) people don’t need anything complicated or exhausting. They need something pleasant, warm and relaxing. And this is what you should offer. Anything more than this could create a further strain on already strained people.

So, be considerate. Be understanding of their current situation. Don’t be obnoxious. Offer a helping hand, politely. Do not be clingy and give them some space if they are in the middle of something. Overall, be normal. A fruit basket is also nice.

Aside from meeting the new neighbors you want them to feel welcomed. So, don’t waste too much time. Saying hello is practically effortless.

Be considerate

Understand that they have been going back and forth for days now (weeks if they are internationally relocating). If they seem frustrated or unapproachable do not take it against them. They just went through combat and they are tired and unhappy. The very last thing they need now is something awkward or exhausting. They need something normal and natural and this is something you should offer.

When you see them being a free step over and introduce yourself. Welcome them to the neighborhood and provide a few words of consult. Going there with something in your hands is even better. It could be whatever, but it should be something small. For instance, walking over with a fruit basket or a refreshing bottle of something could make the world of difference. Simply understand the amount of stress they just went through and try to empathize with it. Providing help afterward will be a breeze. Furthermore, this is a brilliant way to start building rapport. Establishing a friendship should be a breeze if this first part goes well.

Offer some help

Even though in 99 percent of situations they say no, you should still offer some help. It could be anything from helping them carry heavy stuff to babysitting their dog. Any little bit of help could be highly beneficial. This goes even further if they have kids, for if they do relocate was a nightmare for them.

Sometimes when people are settling, just a word of advice about local things can help a lot.
Offering help is usually as good as helping because it says you can rely on me if something goes wrong.

Even though they will most likely refuse any help, it means a lot to have the notion that you are not alone. Furthermore, this kind of builds them a foundation where they feel like they can reach out to someone if need be. If this someone is you-you made a potential friend. But yeah, it is very difficult for them and they need any willing helping hand they can get. This hand should be you!

Wait for the right time

Simply observe and assess the situation. Do not jump in and start any conversations if you see they are overwhelmed with work. The last thing they need in the middle of all that is entertaining any questions you might have or listening to any stories. If you see them having full hands and moving about, either refer to offering some help or stay back until it all settles and then approach with the above-mentioned fruit basket.

Timing is everything, so wait for the right moment to present welcoming gifts.
A fruit basket is a great gift, but if you are imposing at a bad time, then it’s not worth the effort.

This is not them not wanting to socialize and meet you. This is them being simply swamped with things to do and very little time to do it. So have an understanding for them.

Invite them for an activity

This activity can be anything really. If they have pets, you could invite them for a walk around the neighborhood where you could point out all the important locations. Then again, if this is not your forte, you could always invite them for a cup of coffee somewhere in the neighborhood. And if you don’t know the place don’t immediately go to Yelp to find it. That is the perfect opportunity for interaction, asking what is a great place for coffee and asking them to grab a cup with you. Given that they will be overwhelmed with boxes you could fix dinner and invite them over to your home. They could sure use a warm meal at this stage!

The activity could be whatever. Its purpose is to establish contact and have them feel welcome.

As with all things, meeting the new neighbors is much easier done if it’s done during a fun activity.
Fun activity serves as an icebreaker, so don’t overthink it. Just do it.

And this is fundamentally what you wish to achieve. Your new neighbors just went through a very difficult process and they need something kind and simple to happen to recharge their batteries. They are maybe even really tired from a long distance move. So, you should be something nice and simple. Invest some time and make a difference in their relocation project.

Best of luck!


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