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Posted on : February 20, 2019

Cleaning companies offer a very straight forward service. There is not much moving around it, the task is simple and the final expected outcome is quite predictable. So, with the simplicity of their service being as such, how do you differentiate a good cleaning company from a bad one? How do you choose a cleaning company that you deem right for you? This task becomes difficult when there are not that many measurable key performance indicators. However, there are some outer elements that can measure just how good (or bad) a cleaning company is. These elements should be of great help when you have a task to choose a cleaning company.

When you need to choose a cleaning company, there are a lot of parameters you need to follow!
There are criteria you can use when you wish to choose the right cleaning company!

We will present some key factors that we deem have the highest importance if you have to choose a cleaning company. There is one factor, however, that we cannot really describe and this is your gut feeling. In spite of all the measurable indicators based on which someone can review a cleaning company, there is your personal feeling about it. And in our opinion, if you get a bad vibe Рyou should probably bail out of it.

Key factors necessary to choose a cleaning company the right way

There is a short list of factors that we would like to offer for your consideration when you need to choose a cleaning company. These do not have to be entirely universal, however, most of them are. Even though their importance should not, perhaps, be of critical value, they should be considered when seeking the right cleaning company. If you are lost and have no idea how you can find the right company, these could use as very potent guidelines. Either way, going through them and keeping them in mind can only be helpful. In no way can it impede your search for a cleaning company. So, here is our list of key factors to consider when you are looking for a cleaning company.


This is on the top of the list because this one can end all problems. If you could fulfill this one it could resolve all the issues that come with choosing a cleaning company. There are numerous elements that a cleaning company needs to fulfill in order to qualify as the right cleaning company. The problem with this is the fact that they may claim to fulfill all these standards, but aside from their word you have nothing that they can offer as proof.

So, what is the best way to overcome this impediment? To have someone recommend a cleaning company. If you are actively searching for one – ask all the people in your proximity about whether they used said services recently. If so, what experience did they have? Was it positive or negative? Either answer will mean a lot! If it’s positive, you will know that this is the company to contact. If negative, you will surely know which one to avoid. Both of these are very useful information. This can work for a cleaning company just like it can for any moving companies in Massachusetts!

The former, however, could instantly resolve the issue. This would mean that your search has ended and you are good to go!

Online reviews

The very next best thing if you have nobody in your circle of friends had similar experience are online reviews. However, there is a good reason why this is not a solid choice. The problem with this is the fact that almost anyone has access to the internet. This is why you would have to question the legitimacy of the reviews you can find online. Some of them can be entirely legit whilst most of them could end up being fake. It could either be the actual company writing reviews for itself, or other people writing malicious content out of personal spite or other gains.

The best cleaning professionals will take very good care of your place.
The right cleaning company will take good care of your place!

This is why it would be difficult to rely on these comments since you cannot determine the legitimacy of them. Still, it is something you could potentially use. The only important thing is to take everything with a pinch of salt. So try to use logic and formulate an opinion wherever you can, using the information provided.

Our online reviews are a testimonial to how much PremiumQ services are valuable to our customers. We take much pride in them!


The possibly only mandatory thing they should be offering is insurance. In most cases, you should entirely avoid dealing with any company that doesn’t offer such insurance. Basically, you are letting absolute strangers into your office or apartment, and there is no telling what could happen. If the company offers insurance it means that if something goes wrong – there is almost nothing you can do about it.

This could almost pass as fine with a company that was recommended to you by a friend of the family. In all their cases this is entirely unacceptable. Imagine if something went missing, or God forbid, everything got stolen? What if some of your most precious belongings got broken within the cleaning, then what (especially if it is fragile antique furniture)? There is nothing that says that you would be protected or compensated in such scenarios. This is very important and should not be avoided at all cost. This is also common for moving companies, such as movers Stoneham MA. Moving insurance, just like any other, plays an invaluable role in the entire process. Your safety comes first, after all!

Insurance that the cleaning company offers is the most important element that will protect your home and furniture
Insurance is the most important element!

On the other hand, having insurance means that you are fully protected in case anything goes wrong. The service of such companies may be a tad pricier than the normal ones, but it is most definitely something you shouldn’t avoid. It is totally worth the peace of mind that you get with having such insurance.

All in all, these are our recommendations about performance parameters you should look for when you need to choose a cleaning company. There are others, but this is the most relevant ones we could think off. We wish you the best of luck in your hunt!

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