Moving to San Francisco – pros & cons

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    From time to time, there comes a point in a person’s life when they start getting bored with the place they live in. No matter how small or big your city is, sometimes you have just had enough. This is the time when you will consider moving from Boston to San Francisco! Moving to San Francisco is always a great idea – “The City” is always waiting for new people to show them their exciting riches! But are you ready to move there – and should you? This is a question you should consider before every move. In this article, we give you a list of pros and cons for your upcoming relocation to San Francisco. To avoid the 10 biggest moving mistakes, you should get our book and take notes.

    When moving to San Francisco, learn about the city first

    The first thing you need to do when moving to a city is to read up the basics of it. This way, you might discover you are not that into the city – and you have no need for the best long-distance movers Massachusetts has to offer. Conversely, you might fall in love with the city! This will make your relocation easy – because you will be excited about moving and do everything with care and energy!

    So, what should you know about San Francisco? Well, it is a city in Northern California that is the cultural, financial, and commercial center of the area. The name comes from the Spanish for “Saint Francis” – one of the most revered religious figures in history. With a population of almost 5 million people in an area of around 45 square miles – that is 17,000 people per square mile, San Fran is the 13th most populous city in the country, as well as the fourth in California. Its county is the fifth most densely populated – right behind four of the five New York City boroughs!

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    You will get many job opportunities when moving to San Francisco

    If you want to move to California in order to search for a job, then San Francisco is a good place to do so! The city’s economy is always growing, and right now it is growing fast! There is a huge employment boom happening in all of the San Francisco Bay Area. It is also one of the strongest economies in the United States right now!

    laptop with google opened
    Job opportunities await!

    It doesn’t matter if you want to start your own company or want to find a job in one of the many big ones here like Apple, Facebook, or Google. There are countless job opportunities waiting for all those with the knowledge and skills!

    However, there is a downside to this. Data analysts aren’t the only ones who noticed how popular the city is getting – landlords did too. This is one of the reasons the rents are skyrocketing right now. There is a huge demand for housing, but the supply of it isn’t there. The median prices for renting a home are actually some of the highest in the United States – so you might want to consider buying vs. renting a home when coming to San Fran! When you add the costs of living itself, the city can become unforgiving without the San Fran Bay Area salary, so be ready to find a job quickly!

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    The location has its perks and disadvantages

    When moving to San Francisco, you will discover that one of the old real estate sayings – location, location, location holds true to this day. San Fran’s location is everything. The city itself is full of various activities on a daily basis. However, if you somehow get bored, then drive out into the country. You will discover many wonderful things! Beautiful mountains and beaches await, and you must give the wine country a try!

    a woman looking at the city after moving to San Francisco
    There are many beautiful locations in San Francisco!

    If you enjoy sports, then you can go hiking in the redwoods. Then, make sure you also visit the Yosemite and the sunny peninsula. And if you get tired of nature, then go south to San Diego, Los Angeles, and even Mexico with just one short drive!

    Again, this has a downside as well. You have probably heard about this when talking about moving to San Francisco, but the whole California state is plagued by threats of earthquakes. Everyone living here probably has this at the back of their minds all the time. However, these are usually not dangerous. You might feel some slight tremors and call it a day. However, it’s a smart idea to have to be prepared! Have an emergency kit on hand just in case!

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    Getting around the city

    If you have ever lived in a big city, then you know just how important the mass transit is. Having the possibility to jump on a metro or a bus and get to another part of the metro area is always a good thing. The same applies when moving to San Francisco, too! Luckily, you will have a lot of options in the city! There are MUNI buses, Caltrain, BART, and many, many cabs and bikes. The climate – and the fact that everything is nearby – make walking and biking pretty attractive. After all, San Fran is one of the best cities for walking in the whole country!

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    San Francisco trolley
    Hitch a ride on one of the famous San Fran trolleys!

    Having a car, however, can be a two-sided blade. You will most likely need it if you are moving to the suburbs, but you will also have to deal with the traffic and the hunt for a parking space. And just like everything in SF – the cost of parking can be a nightmare too. However, just like in LA, you will want to avoid highways during rush hour when moving to San Francisco.

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