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Moving with pets – how to prepare

Posted on : June 11, 2019

Moving with pets doesn’t come without stress. That’s something you can’t avoid, but there are ways to diminish it. The best way will be to put your relocation tasks into the hand of one of the reliable moving companies in Massachusetts. Let the moving experts take care of your move so you can focus your energy in preparing your pets for this big change. They deserve your attention during this process because a change of environment will be very hard for them. However, there are ways to make the transition as safe and easy as possible for your animal companions.

The first step in moving with pets is to choose an ideal new home and neighborhood

Your pet should love your new home as much as you do. Don’t get us wrong, your pets will be happy anywhere as long they are along your side. However, you can make both of your life easier in the new place if you focus on choosing the right apartment or a house.

Dog in a park
It is crucial to find a pet-friendly home and neighborhood.

First of all, you should focus on housing in the pet-friendly areas. If you have a dog, that will imply a lot of outdoor space for it to run around during its walks. House cats don’t need that luxury, but they do need to be kept in the pet-friendly environment.

Speaking of pet-friendly housing, it doesn’t mean that the building is that way just because your landlord allows you to keep animals in your rented apartment. When there aren’t pet owners in the building, you should ask why is that.

Your neighbors can make your life a living hell if they don’t approve of your pets. There’s really no need to live in such a hostile environment, worrying every day what shenanigans they will think of. Not to mention that you really shouldn’t surround yourself with people that have a problem with animals. You never know what harm they can do to you or your pets. There’s certainly no need to risk it since thorough research can save you from that hassle. There are also some other moving mistakes you can avoid, so read how in our book.

Bottom line – when moving with pets you should investigate:

  • A number of pet owners in the area
  • Pet-oriented business in the area
  • The proximity of the vet and animal hospitals
  • Are the apartment and the building truly pet-friendly
  • Were there any incidents involving neighbors and pets
  • Local and neighborhood pet legislations

Visit a vet before moving with pets

Your interstate movers Boston can get you information about all necessary documentation for you and your pet.
Whenever you plan to transport your furry friend within the USA border or abroad, you need to get a Certificate of Veterinarian Inspection (CVI).

This certification ensures animals being transported don’t carry illnesses or parasites from one area to another, potentially putting humans and other animals at risk, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. Even if your pet had its annual checkup a few months ago, you should take it to the vet.

Veterinarian checking the cat - You should take your animal to the evt before moving with pet
In order for your pet to receive these certifications, the pet usually has to receive certain vaccinations and tests.

It isn’t just a sensible thing to do, it is also a mandatory act when you’re moving with a pet.
However, if you are moving to a different city in the same state, you probably don’t have to have CVI. Even some states don’t require it.
On the other hand, most of them do, so it’s better to check before you head out to the border.

Packing up your home

Pets aren’t the biggest fans of change. Having all those moving boxes around will make them anxious since they don’t realize what’s going on. Pets will only know that suddenly there is much less room to move around and that you’re putting all the items they know in some strange maroon boxes. They can sense some big change heading their way, but they don’t understand what is going on.

In order to keep your pets calmer, bring in moving boxes before the packing day. That way, they can snoop around them, investigate and sniff the unfamiliar object blocking their usual pathway. After a couple of days, they will get used to it and there won’t be problems when you start packing.

Speaking of packing, since animals are noisy and want to be beside you whatever you do, you may think that is a good idea to lock your pet in the different room until the boxes are full. Not only that can cause more problems, but it will also be a very traumatic event for your pet.

Dog laying on the suitcase
Quite a win-win situation for everyone involved.

If you’re using moving services Boston, you should consider enlisting the additional packing services as well.
Certainly, hiring professional packers will be the easiest way to pack when moving with a pet. You can take it for a walk or to the friend’s house until the packers finish.

Your pet will be happy, you will avoid one of the most nerve-wracking moving tasks, and your entire home will be packed safely and properly.

Don’t forget to pack a special bag when moving with a pet

No matter are you packing on your own or having the assistance of professionals, you should pack your pet’s things last. Moving with a pet is similar like moving with children – you should keep their daily routine in a balance as much as possible.

When you pack your entire household, your pet will be very confused. Having its bed, eating a bowl and favorite toys will keep it calm. At least a few familiar things and senses will remain in the home, which will be comforting for your pet.

If possible, pack your pet’s things in a bag/box that will travel with you, or at least pack the pet’s items last. Bag with favorite toy and pet treats will help you maintain your pet on the way to your new home.

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