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Safest neighborhoods in Boston

Posted on : September 22, 2018

Relocation is upon you and you’re considering Boston as the best place for you and your family. You probably want to find a place that has good schools, reliable transportation system and is above all safe. Choosing Boston as your new home leaves you with little to no room for error. This historic city has had a big reduction in violence since the 1990s and crime rates have stayed low ever since. However, since there is still a choice to be made, we will try our best to help you by listing some of the safest neighborhoods in Boston.

Roslindale is always a safe bet

This neighborhood comes up as the one with the lowest crime rate. Its previous suburban status is probably what helped with this result. It welcomes diversity and different ethnicities, making it very unique. Nevertheless, people describe it as a quiet and peaceful place. Lots of professionals and young families make a welcoming and neighborly spirit. Roslindale has some of the best public schools, so you can rest assured that your little ones are getting the proper education. This is a clean district and people like to praise its parks and recreation areas.

A woman cleaning a street
We all love clean surroundings

Dorchester is not what you might expect

Some may be surprised to find Dorchester on the list of safest neighborhoods in Boston. Its large size may be the cause of this rumor, but it holds no water. Crime rates have lowered since last year and a diverse mixture of ethnicities work well together in order to make it a safe place. Abundant with parks, schools, and gyms, Dorchester offers a lot of content suitable for kids. Big, authentic Victorian houses can be found all around the neighborhood, giving it a pleasant atmosphere. Anyone moving to Boston should consider this area, especially for its booming real estate market. You are bound to find something that suits your requirements.

Charlestown definitely deserves a shot

The old architecture and the ease of commuting are one of the main reasons people opt for Charlestown. However, it is also a safe and clean place for living. This is one of those neighborhoods that everyone loves. A nice blend of history and renovation give it a unique appeal. Cobblestone roads and old gas lamps provide that lovely historical feel. Its position also makes it very popular for working people, since the Boston’s downtown area is easily accessible. People are friendly and the whole community will make you feel safe and secure.

A street of cobblestone with old and pretty buildings
Narrow streets of cobblestone

Jamaica Plain offers plenty for everyone

The growth of young ethnic families is what makes Jamaica Plain one of Boston’s most diverse neighborhoods. This creates a welcoming and accepting culture JP is known for. It is also a place for anyone wanting to fill their time with culture and enlightenment. From a wealthy businessman to an aspiring college student, all can find their ideal place in this district. Pick and choose between buying or renting a house, from areas filled with families, backyards, and trees to a more urban atmosphere for those desiring the hustle and bustle of a fast life.

Go to East Boston if you yearn for amusement

One of the top 5 safest neighborhoods in Boston, East Boston offers an abundance of content. Beautiful parks, libraries and a magnificent view of the Boston skyline are just some of its residents’ favorites. As you might have guessed it, it is also a very diverse district. Neighbors are friendly and warm, yet not intruding or bothersome. This diversity also brings flavors from many cultures, so don’t be surprised to find a number of great Italian restaurants and Brazilian cafes. It is also great for working folk since all you need is a train ride to get to Boston proper.

A woman eating a pizza in a restaurant
Some quality soul food

Brighton might surprise you as one of the safest neighborhoods in Boston

The great thing about Brighton is that there’s always something to do. The community provides plenty of free programmes, such as concerts or movie nights which take place in Brighton square throughout spring and summer. People love this neighborhood for its easy commute, as well as its pedestrian and bike-friendly culture. Crime rates are very low and the area is mostly quiet and calm. You can enjoy plenty of local restaurants, as well as some quality take-out. Boston itself is only a 10-minute car ride away, in case you want to get a taste of nightlife.

Allston for a simple life

Often grouped with the previous district, Allston can also boast about its low crime rates which put him at the top of the safest neighborhoods in Boston list. This is an affordable and friendly area with inhabitants varying from young students to big families. This simple neighborhood provides a happy surrounding and cozy atmosphere. Filled with parks, you can always find a quiet place for reading a book, as well as plenty of space for your dog to play. Transport to Boston is accessible, schools are near, and great stores can be found at every step. So, pack up and see if Allston suits your standards.

A bench in a neat park
A bit of peace and quiet

We are all worried about our own safety as well as the safety of our loved ones. When choosing a neighborhood for your new home, it is important to consider all the threats and dangers it can carry. But don’t get too carried away when finding the safest neighborhoods in Boston. We live in a time where violent crime is generally on the decline in the U.S. Some incidents may occur, but there is no way of predicting and completely avoiding them. What you need to know is that Boston provides a good and supportive community for any aspiring professional, young families or individuals. So, when you finally make your pick, start packing! And, if by any chance you think about hiring a moving company, consider Premium Q Moving and Storage Boston for an efficient and safe relocation.

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