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Top businesses to start in Massachusetts 

Posted on : March 15, 2019

Starting a business is an incredibly courageous and difficult task. To those that have the guts to pursue it, we salute you. And we will try to do everything in our help to provide you with some valuable information you could use beforehand. When looking at businesses to start in Massachusetts, there is an abundance of criteria to look at. For instance, you have to understand that you are not on your own anymore. You are looking at several people, at least, that depends on you. Furthermore, aside from conducting your business, you need to look at a ton of side events in order to legally maintain your business.

Draw up your idea for the best bussinesses to start in Massachusetts.
It all starts with an idea.

However, the most important objective you should have as a business owner is to keep your expenses low. This is why the best business you can look at starting is a low cost one (for example – packing services Boston). The top businesses to start in Massachusetts are going to be ones that cost the least to start and maintain. The sooner they become profitable – the sooner you will be able to expand and grow them. Fortunately, Boston is a great hub for such entrepreneurs. If you have your eyes set on this city to make your glorious start – you should have quite a good beginning!

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Best businesses to start in Massachusetts – low-cost ventures

The first thing you need to analyze your business idea is how much it costs. Not only how much it costs to start because this cost could be not so high. The devil hides in the details. The initial cost could be not so high, but it could turn out that the maintenance cost becomes unbearable. So, carefully asses and calculate all the costs you could be facing through the year.

Once you learn that your idea for a business does not cost a fortune, you may proceed to the realization. We have prepared somewhat of a list of businesses that are relatively low cost but can prove to be quite profitable. Some of these have already been realized, whereas others are just waiting for their superhero. Hopefully, this will work as an inspiration to you, and you might come up with something entirely unique for your own business.

Sports fan boutique

Boston has become ever so popular based on the number of sports fans it has. This is the top advice anyone can give you about business. What you want to do is identify what is the most popular phenomenon in a given location and try to capitalize on it. Sport is huge in Boston, as well as in Massachusetts as a whole. This is why you could easily capitalize on such fans. Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, Boston Bruins, New England Patriots – these are just some of the names of huge sports teams homed in MA. Having such huge names right in front of you, a sports fan shop could be one of the best businesses to start in Massachusetts.

Start a business where you sell sport themed props. It could be amazing!
A sports fan of paradise…

A small fan shop with team specific jerseys, team logo mugs and key chains, hats, and other theme-related items could fly like crazy. You would have locals buy it as well as tourists who come to Boston for the first time. It is very cheap to start with it. Also, it has relatively cheap maintenance cost as the cost will be dictated by demand. Lastly, you could expand it online and sell items over the internet. This way you could reach a much larger audience at a far lower cost of establishment. This is just one of many tourist attractions in Massachusetts!

Booking game time

Continuing to capitalize on the sporting universe of MA, you could introduce something like a game reservation. The thing is, there is a large number of sports enthusiasts that wish to purchase game tickets months ahead of time. This is a huge problem for those that are a tad less enthusiastic, but still, wish to attend these events. If you wish to purchase your ticket at the last minute you are most likely not going to be able to.

This way, you are giving those who wish to purchase game tickets in the last minute a good fighting chance. Rightfully so, the price of such tickets will be higher, but this is only fair.

Matchmaking services

Another thing you could research, aside from the most popular activities, are the most popular problems. As an entrepreneur people usually focus on money. But this is a mistake. Business entrepreneurs should focus on existing problems and offer a solution. If you identify something that is a problem and offers a full proof solution to it – money will come on its own.

Be a matchmaking company that brings young people together.
Create a love for a living!

One of the well-known problems of Boston is that it is a large city with a huge level of loneliness. This especially goes for people in their 20s. This is why, if you are well connected and know a lot of people (at least online), you could start matchmaking services. God knows how many people would give the fortune to find their soul mate. This costs very little (almost nothing) to start. All you have to do is capitalize on your network.


Last suggestion we might have is for you to dig into photography. This is one of the best businesses to start in Massachusetts, given the low cost of entry. Boston and surrounding areas offer an incredible amount of natural beauty and scenic sites. You could have an infinite source of inspiration and material for your photography work.

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