How To Pack Silverware for Moving

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    How to Pack silverware in the kitchen for Moving

    Packing up your kitchen for a move can be a daunting task, but with a systematic approach, you can make it more manageable. Here’s a guide of Premium Q Moving and Storage on how to pack silverware for moving:

    • Gather Your Supplies: Start by collecting the necessary supplies: small to medium-sized moving boxes, packing paper or bubble wrap, packing tape, and a marker for labeling. If you are not sure where to buy moving supplies, here are our recommendations.
    • Sort out: Start by sorting out your silverware. Set aside any damaged or duplicate items for disposal or donation. This not only reduces the packing load but ensures you move only what you truly need.
    • Wrap and Protect: Individually wrap each silverware piece to prevent scratches and maintain cleanliness during the move. Use packing paper, bubble wrap, or clean kitchen towels and secure the wrapping with tape.
    • Organize in Boxes: Place your wrapped silverware neatly in small to medium-sized moving boxes. Avoid overpacking to prevent boxes from becoming too heavy and difficult to handle.
    • Layer and Label: Consider adding sheets of packing paper between layers of silverware in the boxes for extra cushioning. Clearly label each box with its contents, specifying that it contains silverware for easy identification during unpacking.
    • Secure and Transport: Seal the boxes with tape and position heavier ones at the bottom of the stack in the moving vehicle to ensure stability during transportation.

    By following these steps on how to pack silverware for moving, you can pack your silverware efficiently, ensuring that your kitchen essentials arrive at your new home in excellent condition and ready for use. Premium Q Moving and Storage offers you both Full packing and Partial packing services.

    You can find a helpful kitchen packing tutorial here.

    How To Pack Silverware for Moving

    Six steps to pack silverware

    A cutlery tray is a common way to store silverware. It’s easy to transport and pack.

    1. Use paper to cushion the box. To provide additional protection, you can use crushed packing paper.
    2. Wrap the tray. Wrap the tray with plastic wrap or packing paper.
    3. Placing the tray flat in the box, like in a drawer, is a good idea. This will ensure that silverware remains in place throughout the move.
    4. You can also add other kitchen items to the box. Wrapped measuring cups and utensils fit perfectly in a small container.
    5. Fill in any spaces. Use crushed packing paper to encase the box.
    6. Tape the lid of the box shut. Secure the box well. Then label the outside with “Silverware.”

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    Silverware packed without a tray

    We recommend wrapping similar pieces in packing paper if your silverware is in a drawer that does not have trays. Place the pieces in a box and either place them flat or bundle them with other kitchen utensils.

    Learn the importance of labeling boxes for moving here.

    How to pack silverware sets that are valuable

    Polish sterling silver pieces or family heirloom sets or other valuable pieces of silverware that you are moving to protect them in storage or shipping boxes. After drying each piece, place them in a protective box or case. Cover the boxes or cases with tissue paper, cloth, or packing paper before closing them. Air can cause them to tarnish. The case can be packed by wrapping it with packing paper and putting it in a container.

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    How to pack utensils

    Your cooking utensils are important! Use a single layer to wrap your cooking utensils. Once you have wrapped everything, place them all in a container. You can fill any space left over with bubble wrap or packing papers.

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