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How To Pack Pillows For Moving

Posted on : March 5, 2022

You’re likely concerned about protecting your fragile items such as glasses and crockery. But what about your pillows? Although they may look like they are resilient, pillows can suffer damage from the stress of moving, especially if they are covered in delicate or expensive fabric. This step-by-step guide will show you how to pack pillows.

Start By Sorting Through Your Pillows

Before you start packing pillows and cushions, go through your pillows to find the ones you need. Two distinct ‘categories’ are suggested by us:

  1. You don’t need, or want to use old pillows
  2. You can use pillows and cushions every day or as a key part of your home decor.

It will make packing easier by decluttering your pillows. It’s worthwhile to spend some time on this task.

Use Old Pillows As Packing Material

You should make sure that the first category of pillows, which are old pillows you don’t use, need or desire, is put aside in a safe place for packing material. You can use old pillows and cushions as packaging material to protect delicate or fragile items. An example is an old pillow that you could use to:

  • Protect the mirror’s glass
  • Wrap the artwork around its frames
  • Protect the legs of tables and chairs.

Obtain Quality Wrapping Material

You’ll need to spend time and effort wrapping and packaging the cushions and pillows you want to bring to your new home. Quality wrapping material is the key to packing pillows for moving. You will need the following materials to properly wrap your pillows:

  • Breathable plastic wrap
  • Tape for packing
  • Clean pillows.

Wrap All Pillows Individually

After you have collected your packing materials, carefully pack them.

  1. Dust and dirt can be removed from pillows. If you are unable to brush the debris by hand, make sure to use a vacuumer.
  2. Place each pillow in a clean pillowcase
  3. Each pillow should be wrapped individually in breathable plastic wrap. Be careful not to wrap too tightly. You can permanently alter the shape of a pillow if you wrap it too tightly.
  4. Secure the bundle with packing tape

Use These Wrapped Pillows To Protect Other Items

This wrapping method provides superior protection for your pillows and can be used to protect other items in your shipment.

To provide cushioning, you could place a pillow wrapped around the top of a box containing glasses or plates. You should not stack any items on top of a wrapped pillow-topped box, as it could cause damage to its shape.

You can also pack your pillows in the drawers of cabinets, bed-side tables, and dressers. Your pillows will be safe in the drawers and provide cushioning to your drawers as they travel to your new home.

Prioritize Unwrapping Pillows

When you arrive at your new home, unwrap your pillows. You should not leave your pillows wrapped up for longer than necessary. This can lead to a musty smell that can last several weeks.

You can make it a priority to unwrap your pillows by marking the boxes that they were packed with ‘High Priority’.

Remove Pillows

You can keep your pillows fresh by airing them before you use them. If possible, place your pillows outdoors in the sun. Fresh air can remove musty odors and the sun can kill many of the pests that live in pillows.

Donate Or Throw Away Old Pillows

Sell or throw out your pillows if you don’t plan on moving again soon. It’s not worth keeping them around for another move. They will clutter up your new house and be in bad condition after being wrapped around other items and stuffed in the back of a moving truck.

This step-by-step guide will help you pack pillows for moving. Not only will they make sure your pillows arrive in perfect condition at your new home, but they also can protect your valuables. Premium Q Moving and Storage offers an complete removals service. You don’t have to do anything except wrap, pack, and unpack your items. Your new home will be ready for you to move in without you even having to lift a finger.

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