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How To Pack Wine Glasses For Moving

Posted on : March 5, 2022

You are likely to be covered in packing paper and boxes if you’re one of the fortunate people moving this month. You are trying to figure how to pack everything to ensure it arrives in one piece at your new home. Let us show you how to pack wine glasses, which is one of the most challenging items. They are difficult to pack because of their unusual shape. Their fragile glass and long stems can also be damaged during the move.

Too many homeowners have been seen drinking out of plastic cups after moving. Get rid of the plastic cups from frat houses! Let’s bring elegance to the new home right from the beginning. This is a step-by-step guide to how to pack wine glasses properly to ensure they are safe and accessible after every move.

1) Choose The Correct Box

Using the right box is key to keeping wine glasses from getting broken or crushed. A box should be large enough to hold your glasses securely. A “dishpack” is recommended because it has a 5.2-foot high wall and double-thick walls to protect your glasses.

2) Make sure you have the right materials

Once you have the right box, gather all the necessary packing materials to protect and wrap the glasses. Here’s what you’ll need:

– There are a lot of packing paper. You can also get plain, recyclable packing paper and not newspaper, so that you don’t need to spend your time cleaning out all the newsprint from your stemware.

– Cardboard Inserts

3) Wrap

Place the wine glass horizontally on a piece of packing paper. Take a corner of the packing papers and wrap the glass in it. You should make sure you tuck the edges of the paper in just like you would wrap a burrito. Continue rolling the glass onto the paper until it reaches the end. Then, place the wrapped glass on a piece of packing paper and roll it again. Continue to wrap the glass with packing paper for 3-5 times, depending on its thickness. For each wine glass, continue the process. You should label the “burrito”, so that it doesn’t get lost with all the packing paper.

4) Pack and Pad 

Before you place any wrapped wine glasses into the box, cover the bottom with packing paper. If you’re using cardboard inserts, place one layer of inserts on top of the packing papers and wrap one glass in each insert. If you don’t use the cardboard inserts, position the wrapped glasses vertically inside the box. Place them upright and not flat. They are more secure vertically.

5) Layer and Repeat

Once you have completed the first layer, add packing paper to it. Place more inserts, or wrap wrapped glasses vertically. These layers can be repeated until the box is full.

6) Empty Space

Once the box has been filled, you can fill any empty space with crumpled packing papers. Crumpled paper adds extra security and cushion to the glasses.

7) Tape and Move

Finally, secure tape the box shut and allow the movers to move it to your new home. Label each side of your box with “FRAGILE Wine glasses” on one side and arrows on the other. You can also write the name of your new room: “kitchen” and “dining room”.

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