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Do Movers Disassemble Beds?

Posted on : March 5, 2022

One of the most common questions we see in the moving industry is “do movers disassemble beds?” Putting together a bed or taking it apart is not an easy thing to do. When you hire a full service moving company, you would expect them to help with that.  In this article, we will discuss what to expect when hiring a moving company, and how you should approach assembly of beds and furniture.

Do Movers Disassemble Beds and Other Types of Furniture?

Yes, your furniture will be disassembled and reassembled by movers. Some items, such as bed frames, will need to be disassembled in order to transport them safely. Movers will charge an hourly rate if your move is deemed local (under 100 miles). Movers will charge by the weight if your move is long distance (over 100 miles)

Most furniture in your home won’t need to be disassembled. Some items may need to be disassembled. Most items that need to be disassembled include large dining tables, bed frames, and bureaus (dressers with mirrors attached). It is possible that if you have assembled furniture in one room but not moved it into another room, it might not fit through the door. Your mover will determine how the furniture will be disassembled and ready for transport in these cases.


Should You Assemble & Disassemble Your Bed and Other Types of Furniture Yourself Or Have The Moving Company Do It?

Sometimes it is worth hiring movers to do this job. It all depends on the move you are making and how much money you want to save. It’s up to you to decide. These are three insights that will help you decide if the movers should do it for you or do this yourself .

DIY furniture assembly will help you save money You will actually save more money if you’re more prepared for your move . Moving can be costly. Having movers do work you can do yourself will be more expensive. Your mechanic wouldn’t clean your car, would he? The same goes for movers. To get the best out of your move, hire movers who are skilled in what they do.

Local moving will require that your movers disassemble and reassemble your furniture. However, this will increase the cost of your move, which could result in a longer time and higher costs. If you are on a tight budget and can disassemble and reassemble the furniture yourself then go for it. This is typically charged at a standard rate of $50-60 per hour by movers.

If you don’t have enough money or the ability to do the job yourself, you can hire movers. You can hire a handyman or a furniture disassembly company if you are certain that you have lots of furniture to disassemble. These services are only $20-30 per hour. However, this is only if you are 100% certain that the furniture will need to be disassembled.

Long-distance moves (exceeding 100 miles, or from one state to another) can take several days. There is also the possibility of a different moving crew unloading your items at the destination. The movers who took apart your furniture may not be the same ones who will assemble it. Before you make a decision, consider whether the new movers will be able to reassemble your furniture. Or should you make it your own and make it a project in the new house?

How can you save time and money by disassembling or preparing the following items before moving?

  • Bed Frames Most bed frames need to be disassembled prior to moving. It will be done by the moving company, but you can do it yourself if you don’t want the movers to do it.
  • Bureaus & Vanities – Any furniture that has a large mirror/glass attached can be easily removed and will be protected. Wrapping it intact is possible if the glass is part a door, such as a china cabinet or glass coffee tables. If in doubt about whether you should take it apart, wait until the movers arrive. They’ll make the best decision on each case.
  • Large Dining Tables Regular-sized tables can be wrapped and protected just as they are. If you have a heavy, large dining room table, the movers may remove the legs and wrap everything separately. It makes it easier to load the dining room table and legs in the truck by removing the legs.
  • Shelving Units/Bookcases – If the bookcases are glass shelves, or the shelves can be lifted by lifting them off, the movers will likely take the shelves out and wrap them separately.

Important Tip for Disassembly. Make sure to keep all screws and other parts. Place them in a plastic bag with a label and seal it.

Moving companies offer a variety of services, beyond the assembly and disassembly of furniture. These are some other services that movers may offer.

Are Movers able to Uninstall Large Appliances like Washers, Dryers, or Refrigerators?

Most movers will not attach or remove major appliances such as washers, dryers, and refrigerators. They don’t want to be held responsible if a pipe bursts and causes a water- or gas leakage. Some movers will however hook these appliances up. It’s important to know if the moving company offers these services.

You might consider hiring a plumber or handyman to help you if your moving company won’t do it. If you’re handy, or have the necessary knowledge, you can always do it yourself.

What other tasks or in-home services will Movers provide?

How to Pack Your Boxes

Yes, moving companies will help you pack your boxes. Some movers may charge an additional fee, while others will simply charge their hourly rate. Professional movers can actually pack fragile items. If something does break, they will be liable.

Connect the TV to Other Electronics

These types of tasks are common for movers that you pay by the hour. If the task is involving any type of liability, it’s most likely that they won’t. These tasks can be added to the final bill if you are moving long distances and pay by weight.


Depending on the company you choose, some movers will offer cleaning services. You may also be able to hire a cleaning service to clean your home once everything has been moved.

Concierge Services?

Depending on the movers you hire, some movers will offer concierge services such as setting up your cable and utilities. It all depends on whom you hire.

How to Move Particleboard Furniture and Furniture that Needs Assembly

Particleboard furniture, including cheap ones like Ikea and other brands, is not meant to be moved.

This furniture is easily broken, so it’s important to hire movers or move yourself. These furniture pieces are intended to be assembled in the space they will be used, and not moved around.

If you are interested in our help in your upcoming move, feel free to reach out to our Boston movers at Premium Q Moving and Storage!

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