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How to praise your movers for a job well done

Posted on : September 9, 2019

Moving is a difficult process. It takes too much time and it is physically demanding as well. This especially applies if you want to move your entire household. Usually, people hire moving companies in order to get professional help. However, movers put a lot of effort into getting your items moved and delivered to you in the perfect condition. For this reason, you should do something to show your gratitude. If you are not sure what is considered as a polite gesture, here are some way how you can praise your movers for a job well done. Also, we bring you a few tips to avoid the 10 biggest moving mistakes, you can find in our book.

Help them 

If you are in a good condition, you can help your local movers Massachusetts with various tasks. This does not have to mean you need to lift heavy and large items. Nor do movers expect you to participate in this task. However, it would be extremely nice if you could remove anything that obstructs the pathway. If you have children or pets, you could take them out so they would not distract the movers. This could potentially lead to someone getting hurt or your items getting damaged. In addition to this, you can seal the boxes or even take the light ones out to the moving truck. Apart from all of this, the most important is to be there, answer their questions, and help with small tasks if possible. 

Praise your movers by providing refreshments and a resting area 

If you are moving during the summer, it can get extremely hot. Lifting and carrying heavy items is very hard and tiring. Combining these two things can be a problem. For this reason, it would be really nice of you if you provided refreshments for your movers. Coldwater or tea is perfect for hot summer weather, and as a way to avoid dehydration. In addition to this, even during the other seasons, you should offer drinks to the movers. Apart from this, it would be wonderful if you provided a resting area for movers as well. They can rest for a bit and reenergize for the next moving task. These two small gestures are the best to do organize if you want to praise your movers. 

praise your movers by giving them a glass of cold tea
Prepare cold drinks for your movers

Leave positive reviews 

The biggest way to praise your movers is to leave positive reviews on their page. As people search for everything on the Internet, they need to read reviews in order to make a choice. For this reason, if you are pleased with their moving services, share this with others. When people search for moving companies Boston, they will choose the company mostly based on the high rates. In addition to this, since there are many fraudulent movers out there, so positive reviews will certify your movers’ reliability. So, do not hesitate to share your good experience with the rest of the Internet. 

Praise your movers by giving them food 

Since movers are humans as well, they will get hungry eventually. By preparing a simple meal will mean a lot to movers. This will show that you appreciate their hard work. You do not have to make something extremely complicated or cook at all. Ordering pizza or hamburgers will do the job as well. For this reason, do not make it hard on yourself. Whatever you make will be perfect. 

a slice of pizza
Order pizza for movers

Talk to their boss 

If you want to praise your movers, talk to their boss. This will be the best way of praise. Just imagine if someone says positive things about your work to your boss. It would be extremely satisfying to know that people appreciate your hard work. For this reason, here is how you can do this. 

  • Be honest – this is given, you should be honest when praising your movers for a job well done 
  • Do not exaggerate – try not to exaggerate when giving compliments since you will not look like you are sincere 
  • Be thoughtful – if you want to mention some minor problems that you noticed, do it, but remember to be thoughtful.  

Praise your movers and encourage them during the move 

Everyone likes to hear compliments. This applies to movers as well. When they come to get your items, you can complement them if you think it is appropriate. You can mention how professional they are at taking care of your items. In addition to this, you can praise their punctuality and work ethics. If you see that movers are friendly, you can talk to them more and make small jokes. This will in return create a pleasant atmosphere for your movers. 

Tip them 

Tipping your movers is hands down the best way to reward movers for a job well done. Since a tipping culture exists in the United States, it will not be awkward to give your movers tips. The amount depends on the amount of workload and time spent doing it. If the movers finish the job in one day, you should give them around 20 dollars. However, if movers need a couple of days for the job, then tips should be higher as well. Usually, they are around 60 to 80 dollars 

a man taking out the money
You can tip your movers for a job well done

Send a thank-you note 

Lastly, you can also send a thank you note to your movers. If you are uncomfortable with complementing movers in person, you can do it in the form of a note. Not only will your movers appreciate the gesture, but their employer will see it as well. In addition to this, they can use your note in order to attract more customers. For this reason, do not hesitate to send one if you really want to but you are shy. They will love it for sure. You can even invite them to your housewarming party through the thank-you note.

As you can see, there are various ways to praise your movers. Choose the one that you think is best and show your gratitude. If you are searching for more moving tips, please subscribe to our moving day podcast.


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