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Tips for handling leftover packing materials

Posted on : July 9, 2019

When you pack for a move, you use a lot of moving boxes, plastic bubbles, and other materials. These are excellent tools when you are in the process of moving. However, when you finish, you wonder what to do with these leftover packing materials. You probably spent a considerable amount of money on it. It would be a shame to simply throw it out. Luckily, there are ways in which you can use the packing material you have and give it a new purpose. We have the best tips on how to handle leftover moving materials, so read on to learn how you can make the most of it.

Sell your leftover packing materials

Once you have finished moving, you will realize how much it all costs. Even if you hire affordable movers Everett MA, you will surely want to save after the move. For this reason, you can sell your moving boxes and other packing materials. Some companies buy used materials in order to repurpose or recycle them. While you will get less money than you spent on it, it is still worth your consideration. However, you have to make sure that those materials are not damaged. No company will buy materials that are beyond repair.

Earn some extra cash by selling leftover packing materials.
You can always sell these materials to recycling companies.

There are different places where you can sell leftover packing materials. For example, you can try your luck on the internet. Some websites like eBay will give you offers on these items. On the other hand, you can place an ad in the local newspapers. Someone from your neighborhood might want to buy these materials from you for their next move.

Give to friends or neighbors

When you are considering what to do with excess packing materials, think about how you felt before the move. All the searching for moving boxes Boston or even realizing that you don’t have enough. You would probably want to save someone else from this experience. That is why you should give away your leftover packing materials to friends, family, or neighbors that you know are moving.

If you don’t personally know anyone who needs them, you can ask the people in your community. Alternatively, you can place a flyer or an ad somewhere in your building or neighborhood. Finally, you can give them away via a website. Place an ad on the internet and someone will surely find it interesting and useful. You will know that you have helped somebody relieve some of the stress of moving.

Use leftover packing materials in your home

Instead of giving them away, you can use leftover moving boxes for in-house storage. Here you can place items you use seasonally, such as winter clothes and Christmas decorations. Write what is inside each box, so you won’t have to open them when the time comes. Also, you can use these boxes when you rent a storage facility. Just make sure that they are not damaged or wet because they can break easily and cause damage to your items.

Create a storage inside your home.
Organize different categories into separate boxes.

You can also use other leftover packing materials in your home. For example, plastic sheets and plastic bubbles come in handy during a remodeling. Place these sheets on your floors and furniture to protect them from paint or damage. This is a great way to reuse leftover plastic wrap, as it won’t cost you a dime.

Donate it to a charity

While these leftover packing materials might be a burden for you, there are organizations that could benefit from them greatly. Such organizations include local libraries, food banks, animal shelters, etc. Do some research online to see if you can find any close to your home. For example, the Animal Rescue League of Boston is a great cause. They use moving boxes to sort food for the animals, and even as cat litter trays. Don’t hesitate to contact any of these organizations to see what, where, and when you can bring to donate.

Libraries, on the other hand, need all the moving boxes they can get. They use these boxes to sort, carry, and store books. If you have a favorite local library or even one in your school or college, you can make someone’s day by surprising them with leftover moving boxes.

Reuse leftover packing materials the next time you move

You are probably thinking right now that you will never move again, at least not in the near future. Once you learn how to unpack with ease, it seems that moving is a bigger breeze that it actually is. However, you never know what life will bring. It is always best to be prepared than surprised by the circumstances. This is why you should keep the best leftover packing materials after your move. Choose the materials that are not damaged, such as boxes that are still whole and dry. No use in holding on to something that you will eventually throw away or recycle.

Saving your old packing materials will save you a lot of time, money, and energy on your next move. You won’t have to look for boxes and packing paper, so you will have more time to focus on actually packing and moving. Keep this in mind before you head for the recycling bin. Also, if you’d like to learn how to avoid the 10 biggest moving mistakes, you can get our book and make the moving process go much smoother.

Recycle each piece of material

There are different ways in which you can recycle leftover packing materials. First, you need to separate them into types. Set aside piles for cardboard, plastic, styrofoam, padding materials, etc. Styrofoam is especially hard to disintegrate in the soil, so make sure that you at least recycle this type of packing material.

There are recycling bins in front of almost each house.
It’s not difficult to recycle, so don’t hesitate.

Next, you can put them in their appropriate recycling bins. These bins are becoming more and more popular, so it won’t be hard to find some near your home. Alternatively, you can go to the recycling facility directly. This will take some time, but it will be worth it because you will know that you are protecting the planet.

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